Sovereign Debt Crisis; Euro Reality

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In the domestic credit market creditor and debtor rights are clearly defined. In contrast, sovereign debt repayment is largely contingent on the debtor government’s willingness to repay as enforcement of contracts at the international level is limited. In this chapter we explore different sources of sovereign debt crises as opportunistic and myopic behavior by debtor nations, over-consumption of imported goods, credit temptation by lenders eager to allocate savings surpluses, and unexpected consequences of initially seen appropriate policies. We explore how these factors have played out in the Euro-debt crisis and outline a framework for creditor responsibility to complement debtor self-restraint.

Economic Imbalances and Institutional Changes to the Euro and the European Union
Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez
Alfredo Hernandez Sanchez
Research Master’s in International Studies Coordinator

Quantitative Text Analysis, Data Visualization, Policy Evaluation

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